About Us

I'm Alexandria Wagner–a technogeek and multidisciplinary artist who creates decals, digital art posters, paintings, jewelry, accessories, decor, and more in Nevada. I also do freelance graphic design and web development.

I love creating geeky objects that are beautiful as well as fun. My art celebrates nature, astronomy, gaming, literature, sci-fi, and fantasy.

When I was a kid, we used to move around a lot. It seemed with each new school I missed out on the home economics semester but always made it in time for the art semester. I believe the universe was trying to tell me something. I was always creating something: drawing, writing, and making friendship bracelets to sell at school. My entrepreneurial spirit was thriving early in my life.

I studied music and minored in computer science when I first went off to college. The meticulous nature of music education sort of killed my love for that and I switched to psychology. I ended up dropping out of Arizona State to move to Nevada and work in the news business.

For several years, I worked as a managing editor and an art director for newspapers, magazines, and television before I found a passion for web design and development. My love for tech and the web sent me back to school to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as well as a Master’s in Information Systems. I’ve been working in tech ever since–though I never really stopped being a designer and artist.

I now have over 30 years of design and over 15 years of web development experience. While I enjoy making web experiences, I much prefer helping others customize their own experience.

In 2015, I attended Salt Lake Fan Fusion and assisted my friends Natalie and Morgan Carpenter from Apocalypse Too in their booth. I had such a great time that I made the decision to start making jewelry and digital art again to sell at conventions.

That’s when Vixen Vision Design was born! I chose the name because I love foxes and my art reflects how I see the world.

During the pandemic, I started painting nebulae and galaxies, experimenting with ways to combine my decal art with my canvas art. I fell in love with painting and have started to incorporate more subjects than just space (it's still my favorite though). Most of my paintings are impressionist though I do abstract as well.

I still exhibit at comic and pop culture conventions with Natalie and Morgan but I also sell jewelry and art on Etsy but also sell fabric designs on Spoonflower.

Feel free to reach out to me by email at alex@vixenvisiondesign.com if you have any questions about my work or want to collaborate with me to create something unique.

Live long and prosper!

Alexandria Wagner - Multidisciplinary Artist